Earning Money Opportunities

First of whole this is not just another "get rich on Internet" scheme. All these 3 business plans really work and the whole free and paid web hosting market is using them. YouHosting simply allows you to earn more because you do not need to invest anything, you do not need to pay for servers and software. Youhosting system is just better in most cases when running and managing your hosting company.


#1. Offer paid hosting upgrades

  • Go ahead and setup a free web hosting plan with limited resources
  • Setup a paid hosting plan with maximum resources and options enabled
  • Clients will love your free hosting and upgrade once resource limits are reached
  • Your clients will also recommend you. That's free sign ups and more upgrades!

#2. Earn from advertisements

  • Create a free hosting plan with maximum resources assigned
  • Your offer becomes very attrovice so you will start receiving lots of sign ups
  • Put google AdSense or any other ads code to all your websites
  • Your clients will host thousands of websites and that's thousands of visitors/clicks!

#3. Sell links and traffic

  • Start providing free hosting service and put a text link at the footer of each website
  • You will soon have thousands pages in Google index and it's all your property!
  • Someone will really want to buy a text link on all your websites
  • You can also promote your own projects and increase your search engine ratings
  • You also have an ability to control/sell error page traffic (that's about 10% of traffic)